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Hering 7148 Chromatic Special 48 Mundharmonika in F

ca. 1-2 Tage ca. 1-2 Tage (Ausland abweichend)

Hering 7148 Chromatic Special 48 Mundharmonika in F

Previously branded as ‘The Charlie Musselwhite Model’ this ever-popular 12 hole, three octave chromatic has 48 reeds. It has a clear acrylic body (comb) assuring a secure airtight assembly. All metal parts on this model are chrome plated, including the reeds. Includes plush carry case.

The chrome-plated reed plates are extra thick, at 1,20mm, giving a superb response and tonal quality. A classic harmonica with the looks, feel and sound that professionals demand. Available in keys of C, D, E, F, G, A. Bb, and B

  • 48-stimmige Chromatic Mundharmonika
  • Artikelgewicht:  299 g
  • Produktabmessungen:  12,5 x 4 x 2,5 cm



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